Murals > Line of Control

Title: Line of Control

Medium: Acrylic paint on Paper

Size: 24 x 24 cms

This work was created as a part of an International Peace project - 'Messengers of Peace', a project that aimed to express, through the language of creativity, the perennial need for all cultures to be more tolerant, promote understanding between rivals, and to allow artists worldwide to try and wield their influence against war. The project featured artists from all over the world, whose individual interpretations of the concept of peace created powerful visual expressions on the envelopes of Dr. Fischer’s Peace Collection. While politically the “Line of Control” refers to the conflicted, military controlled line between two countries, my painting refers to many other lines of control that we create in our lives in order to maintain peace. Despite several boundaries of gender, caste, class, nationality, religion, and others, there is a possibility of peaceful coexistence and harmony that one can create, just like the birds that do not recognize man-made borders.